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I've been working on audio production for most of my life. Starting with a demo copy of Cool Edit Pro when I was 13 years old, doing my best to make Nirvana bootlegs sound better, I've spent more than 25 years learning about the world of sound through my passion of music.

One event that catapulted my interest in audio production came around 2010. My band had recorded a full album but we didn't have the money or know-how to ever get it mixed and mastered. I finally took a stab at it many years later only to find out that some crucial tracks were missing. This left a sour taste in my mouth so I decided that I'd learn how to produce, mix, and master music from start to finish so that I'd never run into this situation again.

Since then, I've taken many world-class audio production courses, have been mentored by some of the best producers in the business, and have released multiple albums with a variety of bands. While I primarily focus on heavy genres (metalcore, punk, death, and everything in between), I have experience that runs the gamut of musical flavors and I'm always up for a challenge. 

Shoot me an email to let me know about your project or if you have any questions!

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